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We've been reviewing our packaging and we're excited to share our updates and new designs, made from lower-impact materials.

The goal is for our packaging to be made from lower-impact or recycled materials, that are responsibly sourced and can be recycled, continuing its journey.

mailing bags

Our orders are shipped in our signature pink Oh Polly bags, now made from 50% recycled materials and 50% virgin materials.

garment bags

As we ship worldwide, we want to protect our products. Our garments bags are made from Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, 100% recycled plastic.*  

*Please note this percentage specifically refers to the material of the bag and doesn't include add-ons such as the ink, glue and release tape. 


You can usually recycle both bags at your local supermarket. Some local recycling facilities will accept these in your home bins, however we'd suggest checking first! Here are some pointers:

1. Remove the shipping label and product label. Either tear them off or cut around them.

2. Check whether your local authority recycles soft plastics. Not every region will let you recycle them at home. Here are some quick access links:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Rest of world, please search "where can I recycle soft plastics near me"

3. Send them off for recycling!

We'd recommend collecting all your soft plastics and visit your local recycling facility or supermarket to properly recycle them.

*Same steps apply for hang tags


Some items may arrive in our boxes, responsibly sourced and made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) card. These can be easily recycled or reused at home.


Use the box as storage, to hold your accessories or your favourite Oh Polly pieces, to keep them cared for for years to come.

hang tags

You'll spot a pink hang tag on all our products. These are responsibly sourced and made from FSC card with a recycled polyester cord and recycled plastic seal.

The best way to recycle our hang tags are to detach the seal & cord from the hang tag.

  • The hangtag can be put in the recycling paper waste.
  • The seal and cord can also be recycled but this will vary from region to region. Follow the above steps for recycling your bags.

What else can I do with my packaging?

We hope you love your new purchases and choose to keep your pieces, but what should you do with your packaging?

Reuse our bags to donate your pre-loved clothing, or when you resell your pieces. Otherwise, follow the steps above to recycle properly.

Returning your order?

Make sure to return your item(s) in the same packaging! We’ll ensure the packaging is kept out of landfill. 


Next up, we're looking at our PR and smaller packaging collections, gift wrapping and trims. We're continuously reviewing the best low-impact materials on the market.


We’re phasing out our old packaging to ensure we’re not wasting any stock—this means from time to time, you may receive different designs and materials. For full transparency, these may be:

  • Outer mailing bags made from 30% recycled materials
  • Garment bags made from 0-50% recycled materials
  • Swing tags not made with FSC paper or recycled materials